Yellow Gold Rings

The most classic of the gold colors, our yellow gold rings offer a traditional and timeless look. Our lab grown diamonds sit perfectly on all of our yellow gold band rings, making your sustainable piece shine bright. Every one of our rings can be customized and is handmade to order, allowing you to tailor your luxurious ring to fit your unique style.


Not at all. Is all mater of personal taste, but any gold metal, yellow, white or rose are always classic. There are always a color that is more trendy, but overall yellow gold will always be timeless.

We recommend black strap watches as your yellow gold jewelry will be more noticable. But it depend of your taste, try and see what combo you like the most.

If you use your jewelry everyday, the contact with oils, sunscreens, chlorine and any other liquids may tarnish your pieces. We recommend removing them when possible and clean your pieces regularly.

Everything works as long as you like it, emeralds and sapphire look very well on yellow gold.

We’re a small, female-led company with a big vision — making jewelry that empowers women with feel-good diamonds and ethical processes. Our yellow gold rings serve perfectly as wedding rings (custom-made), promise rings, engagement rings, or something for a special occasion. Our yellow gold rings are all stackable, making them get for everyday accessorizing, as well as life’s big moments. We make sure to always combine luxury with sustainability, and give you full autonomy over the design process with our boutique personalization service. We use sustainable processes in the design and manufacturing of all of our yellow gold rings, with considerations taken to be environmentally friendly at every stage. Our lab grown diamonds are as sustainable as they are dazzling — only setting themselves apart from earth-mined diamonds in their reduced impact on the planet. That’s why our yellow gold rings for women feel good — and as quality is so important to us, our yellow gold rings are made to last.

Our yellow gold rings, which come individually, are designed with unity in mind, meaning they are stackable in any combination. The yellow gold rings are designed for her, whether it’s a promise ring, wedding ring (available through our bespoke service), or a chic stacked aesthetic for every day. Every one of our yellow gold rings features one or more diamonds, always using lab grown, ethical processes. That’s why our women’s yellow gold rings offer so much — they’re as eco-friendly as they are beautiful.

Our yellow gold rings give a classic look that works with any style or design. Best paired with bold shades, our yellow gold rings look striking next to strong colors. The warmth in yellow gold is brought out when matched with neutral tones, so beiges or tans are certain to create a glowing aesthetic to your ring and outfit combo. Whether you go for a single, statement yellow gold ring or a stackable collection, we can promise that your look will be strong and empowering — that’s what we’re all about, women empowering women.

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