Rose Gold Necklaces

Our rose gold necklaces are both empowering and sustainable, striking the perfect balance between elegance and boldness. The perfect compliment for any skin tone, the warm metal color of rose gold brings a glow to any look, and our range of necklaces speaks to every style. Each rose gold necklace is made to order and can be customized upon request to create a luxurious and refined piece.


You can clean your rose gold necklace the same way as white and yellow gold jewelry. Find our care guide here on how to clean your jewelry.

We recommend that you clean the chain. You can find more details and tips on our care guide page. If it doesn't help, we recommend you contacting the brand or your local jeweler for a full cleaning.

We handcraft all of our rose gold diamond necklaces in our family-run factory in Italy, giving each its own unique touch. Our rose gold necklaces are designed by women, for women, with female empowerment at the center of our consciousness. Our processes are sustainable, with ethical suppliers and materials considered at every stage of the craft and design process. Consciously made, our rose gold necklaces make the perfect gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, and all of the important women in your life. Made with a love for timeless fashion, our rose gold necklaces are long-lasting, both in style and quality. Our pendant necklaces offer a striking look, and our chain necklaces bring you elegance and beauty. We use lab grown diamonds and 18k recycled solid gold with beautiful rose color, making it as elegant as it is bold.

Our rose gold necklaces follow the latest in fashion trends, yet are made to stand the test of time and offer an everlasting look. Our necklaces come in a range of different styles and sizes, and we offer all of them in beautiful 18k recycled solid rose gold. Our rose gold necklaces bring warmth and elegance to your look, perfect for women of all styles. Whether you’re looking for striking or subtle, our rose gold necklace collection has the right choice for you. We offer rose gold layering necklaces, rose gold pendants, and rose gold chain necklaces, complimenting your look by day or night. Just like our name, HANAN MOSER, our women’s rose gold necklaces represent our real, subtle side, as well as our confident empowered side, showing off your true colors. We use sustainable, lab grown diamonds, all perfectly made to shimmer on your rose gold diamond necklace.

At HANAN MOSER, we are women who love to empower women. That’s why we recommend pairing your rose gold necklace with a navy blue or black outfit to create a powerful and striking, contrasting look. For a softer touch, match your rose gold diamond necklace with a cream or white dress, releasing your powerful feminine energy. Our rose gold necklaces are perfect for layering or wearing as a single statement piece. By choosing rose gold, your pendant necklace is guaranteed to stand out, with the warm tone of the rose gold metal complimenting every skin tone. Here at HANAN MOSER, we love to be impulsive and feel ‘in the moment’, choosing our pairing to match our mood. Our rose gold necklaces are made to empower mothers, daughters, sisters, and all women. We say don’t wait for the occasion to wear your rose gold necklace; be the occasion!

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