Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces

Lab grown diamond necklaces are the future of accessorizing—the perfect union between style and sustainability. We offer a boutique customization experience on all of our necklaces—handcrafted to order— allowing your diamonds to always shine brightly.


We consciously craft and design our lab grown diamond necklaces, using sustainable and ethical suppliers and materials. Unlike the traditional earth-mined diamond process, we ensure we always follow environmentally-friendly processes, from the creation of the lab grown diamond necklace in the laboratory to its handmade crafting in a family-run factory in Italy. As such, we can confidently say that we have the best lab grown diamond necklaces on the market, available in a variety of metals from yellow gold to rose gold. What’s more, as a small female-led team, our lab grown diamond necklaces are made for women by women—a beautiful cycle of female empowerment and consciousness.

Our necklaces offer something for every style. Our lab grown diamonds sit perfectly on an 18k recycled solid gold chain, with each necklace bringing something different to your collection. Our made to order approach allows customization on every item—we can accommodate your requests, from diamond size and shape to necklace length, allowing us to always create the perfect piece. All of our necklaces are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold—complementing our lab grown diamonds in their own, unique way. Whether you desire an elegant accessory or a statement piece, HANAN MOSER’s collection will give you the distinctive look you aspire for. Our lab grown diamond necklace collection is made to empower women, handcrafted with slight, unique differences making your necklace one of a kind.

At HANAN MOSER, we are all about building a capsule, sustainable wardrobe, which means buying accessories that are made to last. We recommend styling your gold lab grown diamond necklace with a simple—yet classic—LBD for the evening. Alternatively, add a hint of glamour to your beach look by pairing your gold lab grown diamond necklace with an asymmetrical swimsuit and ‘Ibiza-style’ sarong.

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