Yellow Gold Earrings

Where classic meets modern. We bring together the most traditional of the gold metal colors—and the future of accessorizing—by using sustainable lab grown diamonds for our yellow gold earrings. Our diamonds are luxurious in feel and in process, and our boutique offers a customizable experience so you can choose the cut of your diamonds and the shape of your gold. This collection of yellow gold diamond earrings endeavors to bring out the confidence in the wearer—made by women, for women.


At HANAN MOSER, we value the personal touch, which is why all of our yellow gold diamond earrings are handmade. As every piece is made uniquely to order, we offer full customization, empowering you to step into the whole process of creating a truly unique and luxurious piece. Our small, female-led team is always striving to create new and innovative earring designs, and we love the simplicity offered in yellow gold. Our earrings are made in Italy in a family-run factory—using environmentally-friendly methods throughout the entire process. We use sustainably made diamonds, which pair perfectly with our yellow gold earrings, creating a beautiful color contrast that will ensure your diamonds will sparkle. By using 18k solid gold in all of our earrings, we can ensure that we always use recycled yellow gold and sustainable methods. The most naturally occurring of all the gold metals, yellow gold offers an authentic warmth that compliments any skin tone. As well as being the most customary of the gold metal colors, it is also one of the most versatile, allowing it to be effortlessly paired with a whole diversity of colors and outfit styles.

The yellow gold earrings collection is beautifully different, ranging from elegant and simple to extravagant and bold. All made from 18k solid gold, our yellow gold earring catalog brings something extra special to every wardrobe. Looking for something chic and modern? Our yellow gold diamond stud earrings offer just this whilst our yellow gold diamond hoop earrings speak to the daring and confident side within us. For those who love the hoops but want a slightly more muted style, the yellow gold huggie earrings are the perfect fit. Finally, our yellow gold diamond drop and dangle earrings offer a refined yet courageous look for the strong daytime vibe or classic evening dinner party feel. With diamonds cut to make the wearer feel like a princess, HANAN MOSER's yellow gold earring range is varied and exciting.

At HANAN MOSER, we want women to feel empowered to choose the yellow gold earrings that work for them—after all, there are no rules about who can wear what! For those who want some expert guidance, we suggest choosing yellow gold stud earrings as a staple piece for the go-to every day, which can also easily compliment an evening outfit. What’s more, the yellow gold drop and dangle earrings effortlessly dress up an evening look, from a LBD to a playsuit; their style naturally elongates the face. Our yellow gold diamond hoop huggie earrings are subtle yet playful, and our large hoops are eye-catching and confident.

The most traditional of the gold colors, yellow gold earrings are a wardrobe staple that can dress up or enhance any style. The warm yellow glow lets your diamonds stand out and shine, letting your earrings do the work. Yellow gold can be flawlessly paired with bold, contrasting shades—we love to match our diamond earrings with a whole array of blues, greens, and purples. Similarly, yellow gold is best brought out by warm, neutral tones, so pair your earrings with a beige or tan dress or suit. Fit for a princess or a queen, our yellow gold diamond earrings make the perfect gift for a loved one. Trust your instincts when choosing the perfect pair—empowering women is at the heart of the message behind our jewelry, as we aim to make women feel good in what they’re wearing.

At HANAN MOSER we don’t shy away from our social responsibility—we love to create beautiful jewelry that empowers women to feel good, and we always do this with sustainability in the forefront of our minds. All of our yellow gold earrings are made with the very finest lab grown diamonds. Unlike traditional earth-mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are sustainable and much kinder to the planet. We continue our ethical practices right through our entire operation, from the creation of our lab grown diamonds right through to the finished product of our yellow gold earrings. Our items are handmade in a small, family-run factory in Italy that uses environmentally-friendly processes in their manufacturing. Wearing lab grown diamonds on your yellow gold earrings is a statement of who you are and what you believe. We do all of this whilst still promising the very finest in quality in all of our products. Our yellow gold earrings are made with 18k recycled solid gold, creating a product that is built to last. In the age of fast fashion, we believe in creating accessories that are not only beautiful but can last a lifetime.

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