White Gold Rings

At HANAN MOSER, our white gold rings are neutral and classic—brilliantly complimented by a dazzling lab grown diamond. Made from 18k recycled solid gold, our collection of white gold rings for women is high in quality and beauty, while sustainable and ethical in their production. Although consciously produced, our diamonds remain luxurious, and our boutique customization service gives you the creativity to tailor your own ring (you can adapt any of our designs to create a totally unique piece).


You can clean your white gold the same way like rose and yellow gold Jewelry. Find here our Care Guide how to clean your jewelry.

Mix mild soap with warm water and soak your white gold ring for a few minutes, after use a soft brush to polish it. You can also take your jewelry pieces to your local jeweler for a full cleanser.

Scratches in jewelry pieces can be removed by a jeweler using a polishing wheel, we suggest taking your pieces to a trusted jewelry store near you.

A perfect pairing for any color palette, our white gold rings are made by women, for women. They work alone as a statement piece, but our white gold rings are also stackable in any combination, on any finger, giving you total creative freedom over your aesthetic. As well as stacking, our white gold rings feature lab created diamonds, making them the perfect choice for an engagement or promise ring.
Handmade with care in a family-run factory in Italy, our yellow gold rings for women are one of a kind. Each piece is made to order and can be personalized to harmoniously fit the wearer. Crafted from real, 18k recycled solid gold, our white gold ring collection promises quality as well as elegance.

Dainty and elegant (yet courageous and bold) — our white gold ring selection covers all styles. Each ring in our collection is versatile, making it a classic look for the go-to every day, or a striking diamond engagement or promise ring. All gemstones we use in our white gold rings are lab grown diamonds, available in a range of colors to suit your palette.

White gold draws attention to your diamonds, accentuating them and making them the centerpiece of your ring. We suggest mixing your white gold ring with bold colors and tones to bring out the sparkle in your diamond. As all white gold rings in our collection are stackable, we suggest trying different combinations to see what feels comfortable for you — creating your own chic look. If stacking isn’t your style, try your white gold ring as a solo piece to let it steal the show. From the beach to the boardroom, your white gold ring will draw attention and accentuate whichever look you choose.

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