White Gold Bracelets

Our white gold bracelets offer a neutral yet striking look, accentuating our lab grown diamonds on your wrist and letting them sparkle. Our white gold bracelets (also available as a cuff) are made by women, for women, and all of our collection of ladies' bracelets come in our classic white gold. We offer a fully customizable, boutique service for all of the diamond bracelets in our collection—empowering you to create a unique piece that is handcrafted just for you.


Visit our care guide to get a step-by-step instruction on how to clean your white gold bracelet.

All of our bracelets claps come in different lenghts, all of our bangles have difference sizes as well. If you need a different size you can contact us, or a local jewelry to extend it.

All White Gold pieces will have a karat marking like K or k, usually accompanied by a number of 9, 14, 18 or 24, to ensure is real gold.

You can find our step by step care guide here, how to clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home.

Our white gold bracelets for women encapsulate female empowerment, designed by our small, female-led team in Barcelona. All of our white gold bracelets come with diamonds—which are always lab grown (our way of sustainably stepping into the future of accessorizing). Unlike traditional earth-mined diamonds, our lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and shine just as bright; the perfect accompaniment for our white gold bracelets for women. What’s more, each bracelet is handcrafted in Italy to order, giving you freedom in the design of your bracelet; we can alter the size or shape of your diamonds and adjust the solid gold chain to the perfect fit. We have a selection of white gold bangle bracelets and white gold chain bracelets, all crafted to make you feel confident. Our white gold bracelets use 18k recycled solid gold, giving you the best materials and quality without compromising on beauty. At HANAN MOSER, our white gold diamond bracelets are made to last, giving a feeling of eternity around your wrist.

All of our bracelets are available in white gold, and are the perfect way to celebrate yourself. Our white gold chain bracelets, white gold bangle bracelets, and white gold charm bracelets all offer something different, so why not mix and match! White gold represents neutrality, stability, and purity, and when worn as a bracelet, creates a classic and timeless look. Our white gold bracelets are perfect for women who like the look of silver but appreciate the quality of 18k recycled solid gold. Due to the nature of its color, our white gold bracelets draw excellent attention to the lab grown diamonds on every one of our designs, bringing out the very best in each bracelet. Our white gold bracelets are great for couples who want to choose their perfect accessory together and for ladies of all styles.

Our white gold diamond bracelets offer both dazzling sparkle and stunning neutrality. Bringing charm to your outfit, our white gold bracelets come in many different styles. Creating your perfect look couldn’t be any easier with our classic collection of white gold and diamond bracelets. Our white gold bracelets for women present almost endless options for color pairings, matching effortlessly with every shade. We love to throw bold colors into the mix when matching our bracelets with white gold, allowing your bracelet to stand out and attract attention. Choose a vibrant color that makes you feel good, and let your white gold diamond bracelet do the rest of the magic! Have some fun experimenting with your color pallet, and choose something daring to accompany your bracelet in white gold for your day or your evening look.

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