White Gold Earrings

For lovers of silver, with the quality of 18k recycled solid gold, our white gold earrings bring neutrality and elegance to any look. Zany&Shy white gold diamond earrings are consciously made with sustainable lab grown diamonds, making your choice of earrings a statement of sustainability and luxury. Take advantage of our boutique by customizing your earrings, or have a free consultation with our founder to find or design the perfect pair for you or someone special.


You can find a step by step care guide here, how to clean your Diamond Jewelry.

You can find a step by step care guide here, how to clean your Diamond Jewelry at Home.

White gold is pure gold, contains around 75% gold, palladium and other materials that makes the gold turn white.

You can tell sterling silver and white gold apart by their marks. Silver will often be stamped with 925, 900, or 800, and white gold will have a 18K stamp or 750.

Handcrafted at a family-run factory in Italy, our white gold earrings for women are made with the highest quality and attention to detail. We use 18k recycled solid gold in every piece, and ethically-created lab grown diamonds to make your white gold earrings feel as good as they look. Each piece is uniquely crafted to order, making no two the same. Add your own customization, with any alteration to the design or feel of your earrings possible upon request. White gold brings neutrality, which is why it’s an all-around winner that will match any aesthetic. Let your white gold earrings empower you every day and radiate the energy you want to see.

At HANAN MOSER, our 18k white gold earring collection contains a pair for every style. For a real crowd-pleaser, choose the white gold stud earrings—a staple piece that stands out when worn alone yet also stack perfectly with our range of white gold diamond hoops and huggie earrings. For those who like an elegant statement, the white gold drop and white gold dangle earrings add a shimmer to your style.

We love to vary our earrings to match our vibe day-to-day, which is why our white gold hoops come in small, medium, and large sizes. White gold hoops are especially ideal for women who want a go-to everyday pair of earrings that works with an array of looks and hairstyles. White gold diamond hoop earrings are also classic and forever in style, and work just as well with jeans and a top as they do with formal wear. For a simpler look, we recommend choosing white gold huggie hoops—drawing a perfect amount of attention to your earrings whilst maintaining a laid-back style. Our white gold stud earrings for women are an effortless everyday option with endless possibilities to dress them up with a dress or jumpsuit. Stack the white gold stud earrings with our huggie hoops for a layered appearance. We also have a collection of drop and dangle earrings, which add wow factor and dazzle when worn at night. With lab grown diamonds and 18k recycled solid gold in every pair, HANAN MOSER white gold earrings feel luxurious and remind us that we deserve the best.

At HANAN MOSER, we are all about feeling good in our jewelry and looking great. That’s why we are a sustainable brand; using lab grown diamonds instead of traditional earth-mined diamonds in our white gold earrings is just one of the ways we demonstrate our love and respect for the planet. We believe in using environmentally-friendly processes throughout our manufacturing journey, reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being a small, female-led business that aims to empower women from the get-go. That’s why we know what makes women feel powerful, and with every pair of handcrafted white gold earrings, we’re sending a message that you deserve to feel your very best.

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