Rose Gold Earrings

We create beautiful rose gold earrings, in an array of designs from hoops to studs, are made to empower women. Our rose gold metal brings warmth and glimmer and provides the perfect setting for the diamonds in all of our earrings. Handcrafted to order, one piece at a time, our diamond earrings are unique and luxurious. Our boutique approach lets you customize your earrings exactly the way you like them. From an everyday mood to the dream piece for your wedding day, our rose gold earrings work for all occasions.


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Rose gold is a versatile color, it combines with classic and bold colors. You can also wear it with other metals to get some contrast. We suggest you try it with different tones.

All of our rose gold earrings are handcrafted, making every pair a statement in its own right. Choose the size or shape of your diamond and create a bigger hoop, or mix things up completely. Whatever you choose, our tailored service allows you total creative freedom to create your own special pair of rose gold earrings. HANAN MOSER rose gold hoop earrings symbolize infinity and inner strength, while our rose gold diamond stud earrings speak to those who want a classic look. Our rose gold hoop earrings come in a range of sizes, from small to large, and a variety of styles—from the more subtle huggie hoops to our statement large hoops. Our selection of rose gold dangle earrings and drop earrings are perfect for a refined style by day or by night. With female empowerment core to everything that we do, our rose gold earrings strive to inspire every woman. When designing and crafting our rose gold earrings, our decisions are always made consciously. To us, sustainable fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. Our rose gold diamond earrings are handmade in a family-run Italian factory using environmentally-friendly methods. We use lab grown diamonds and 18k recycled solid gold in all of our rose gold earrings, building jewelry that is timeless and made to last.

At HANAN MOSER, we’re forever striving to create jewelry to empower and inspire, and our rose gold earrings are crafted with this in mind. In the words of our creator Hanan, no occasion is too small to celebrate yourself. Our collection has been carefully created to allow each individual pair of rose gold earrings to shine, whilst offering many options to stack and combine earrings. The beauty of using rose gold is the warmth and color it brings to our diamond earrings. Rose gold, although a more modern color choice, is a great match for many color palettes, making your earrings stand the test of time.

Rose gold diamond earrings are an investment in yourself and a commitment to feeling good. There are no real rules to choosing your rose gold earrings, but we encourage you to follow your style inspirations and consider what works best for you. Our rose gold drop and dangle earrings are particularly effective at elongating the face, whereas our rose gold stud earrings will draw great attention to your jawbone. Our rose gold diamond hoop earrings are a real showstopper, and our small rose gold huggie hoop earrings give the same effect as larger hoops but with a subtler tone.

Whether you’re looking for rose gold earrings to make a statement or simply to add a charming accessory to your wardrobe, our collection offers a wide variety. All of our rose gold earrings are designed with mindfulness for combining looks, with any two pieces fitting together harmoniously. Our rose gold hoops and huggie hoop earrings are the classic look for a night out yet work equally well as a daily favorite. For something extra special, our rose gold dangle or drop earrings add shimmer to an outfit, perfect for dressing up your LBD. Our rose gold stud diamond earrings are a winner in the workplace or a charmer for your day or nighttime styling. Rose gold has a soft hue, which brings a touch of romance to your earrings. Our rose gold earrings offer a modern and chic choice to compliment your wedding outfit, whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest. For sentimental anniversaries and occasions, our rose gold diamond earrings are the perfect gift for someone special. From casual beach wear to your special wedding day, our rose gold diamond earrings always draw the right attention — because when you feel good, you radiate confidence.

Every pair of rose gold earrings by HANAN MOSER reflects our values of sustainability. The diamonds used in our rose gold earrings are always lab grown; we consciously avoid the traditional earth-mining process due to its impact on our planet. Our lab grown diamonds used in the rose gold earrings are identical in appearance and touch and allow you to feel confident in your choices. Lab grown diamonds are revolutionizing the future of the accessory world, which is why we are always ahead of the game when creating our earrings and other pieces in rose gold. We believe that we have a social responsibility as a business when creating our rose gold earrings. We carefully consider who we use and what processes we follow, making environmentally-friendly choices at every stage of our development and creation of your rose gold earrings.

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