Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Lab grown diamond bracelets are revolutionizing the jewelry world, blending sustainability and style to create beautiful accessories. All of our diamond bracelets are handcrafted to order in Italy, with customization available on all of our luxury pieces.


Our lab grown diamond bracelets are crafted consciously, always with sustainability in mind. We use ethical suppliers and materials, and our lab grown diamonds follow environmentally-friendly processes, breaking away from the traditional earth-mined diamond trend. Our diamond bracelets are not only lab grown, but also individually handmade with care. Beauty comes in uniqueness, and the subtle differences between each piece are what make your bracelet truly special. As a small female-led team, we put our energy into empowering women with our carefully selected and handcrafted bracelets. Each lab grown diamond bracelet is made consciously and ethically by hand at a family-run factory in Italy, keeping the process personal and ethical.

All of our lab grown diamond bracelets are available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, empowering you to choose what feels good. Each colored bracelet brings something different, accentuation our lab grown diamonds in its own unique way. Our lab grown diamond bracelet collection offers something for everyone. Our naturally-occuring yellow gold offers beauty in simplicity, our white gold bracelets allow our lab grown diamonds to stand out and dazzle, and our rose gold bracelet collection brings warmth and elegance to your look.

Like our lab grown diamond necklaces, our bracelets are accessories that are sustainable and made to last. Our bracelets add glamour to your look, by day or night, looking equally fabulous on the beach, in the bar, and everywhere in between. Pair your lab grown diamond bracelet with a playsuit by day to give you the look of confidence and empowerment, or dress it up with an LBD to shine bright on a night out.

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