Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

At HANAN MOSER we create lab grown diamond earrings that are sustainable and rich in quality, with something to suit every style. Our selection of lab grown diamond hoop and stud earrings are for women who want to wear feel-good jewelry. Each piece is consciously made to feel beautiful — because you deserve it. Step into HANAN MOSER boutique, and customize your piece—all of our diamond earrings are made to order by hand, giving you complete autonomy over the look of your diamond earrings.


Using a handmade approach, we craft our lab grown diamond earrings piece by piece, with attention to the finest details. We’re female-led, with a small team working to create beautiful jewelry, using only the highest quality with 18k recycled solid gold in every one of our lab grown diamond earrings. As we’re conscious of our impact on the planet, we carefully choose suppliers and manufacturers who share our awareness of sustainable living. Our lab grown diamond earrings are created individually, by hand, at a family-run factory in Italy, using environmentally-friendly processes. What’s more, each pair of earrings is made to order allowing you to personalize your earrings, with no two pairs being exactly the same. We offer our lab grown diamond earrings in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, allowing you to choose the design and color that will best suit your desires.

There is something for everyone with our collection of lab grown diamond earrings—whether you prefer a subtle stud or a bold hoop. Sitting on 18k recycled solid gold, our lab grown diamond earrings are available in three precious metal colors. Each of our lab grown diamond earrings is created to be unique, reminding you to ‘be yourself’ and embrace what makes you different.

Building a sustainable wardrobe is part of our ethos, which is why our accessories are made with longevity in mind — we believe the best things are built to last. Our lab grown diamond earrings can be styled in many ways. We love to stack our lab grown diamond earrings, which is why we’ve created a collection with harmony in mind. All of our pairs of earrings work alone as a solo piece or together to offer a bolder look — mixing together our lab grown diamonds in stud and hoop form is a real winner. At HANAN MOSER, we love women to be who they want to be, and jewelry can help send that message. By wearing lab grown diamonds, you are making a statement of sustainability every time you wear your earrings. Our whole collection of lab grown diamond earrings is created by women, for women, placing female empowerment at the heart of what we do. Match your lab grown diamond earrings with a vintage outfit to feel both chic and planet-conscious. Our lab grown diamond stud earrings are a go-to everyday piece, and our lab grown diamond hoop earrings perfectly add style to a LBD for a classic evening look.

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