White Gold Necklaces

Our white gold necklaces are the perfect centerpiece for your daring and powerful look! White gold perfectly spotlights the sparkle of your diamond necklace. Its brilliance is in its neutrality, making it an ideal pairing for almost any color palette. We offer a boutique personalization service, empowering you to create the piece that speaks to you (as part of our made to order ethos).


Most jewelry pieces are measured in millimeters which is "mm" in short. If you use inches, you can find a millimeter to inches converter online.

It denotes the proportion of gold in an alloy, expressed in parts per 24 by weight. If your jewelry is 24k that means it is pure gold.

Visit our Care Guide to get a step by step instruction on how to clean your White Gold Necklace.

All White Gold pieces will have a karat marking like K or k, usually accompanied by a number of 9, 14, 18 or 24, to ensure is real gold, or the number 750 stamped.

Our white gold necklaces are made for women — by women. Our small, female-led team put female empowerment and consciousness at the heart of everything we do. Our necklaces in 18k white gold are made for her — with something for every woman and every occasion. Sustainability is essential in our process, using lab grown diamonds in all of our women’s white gold necklaces. Our diamonds are manufactured rather than earth-mined, offering the same luxurious quality without the harmful effects on the planet. All of our diamonds are cut to order and can be personalized in shape and size, according to your wishes. In line with this made-to-order process, our women’s white gold necklaces are handcrafted in a family-run Italian factory, where beauty is always a conscious part of the journey. We use ethical suppliers and manufacturers when crafting our white gold lariat necklaces, using only the best materials to give you the quality and luxury you deserve. Perfect for couples who want to treat themselves, our white gold necklaces are also a great gift for mothers, sisters, and the important women in your life.

Our white gold necklaces are made for women everywhere. All of our women’s necklace designs are available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. To us, white gold represents neutrality and purity, which is why we believe it perfectly accentuates our diamonds, creating a classically styled look. If you prefer a silver look, our white gold lariat necklaces are the perfect fit for you — matching your style whilst still offering the luxury you deserve in 18k recycled solid gold. Our white gold necklaces are the perfect length, sitting comfortably and elegantly around your neck. Real and sustainable white gold necklaces don’t just look good, they feel good too. White gold draws attention to your diamonds, perfectly accenting them in all of our lariat necklace chains. Our white gold necklaces empower ‘her’.

The beauty of white gold comes in its neutrality. It allows diamonds to sparkle, accentuating the color of the stone. Our white gold womens’ necklaces are made to empower. White gold necklaces effortlessly match many shades and skin tones, so we love to be daring and mix this neutral jewelry look with bold colors and tones. Whether your white gold necklace is for yourself, a gift for your mom, or your best friend, we have the perfect pairing to make your necklace shine. Our white gold necklaces effortlessly bring charm to almost any look. Blues and sea green allow your white gold necklace to really ‘pop’, drawing attention to your star piece. For the beach look, a one-piece swimsuit in bold fuchsia or purple is sure to accentuate your white gold lariat necklace. The perfect gift for mothers, daughters, and sisters, our white gold necklaces can become the centerpiece of any look. The beauty of neutrality in your white gold necklace is that almost any color will bring out the shine in your jewelry, so be daring and have some fun experimenting with your color palette!

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