Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold rings for the modern women. At HANAN MOSER, we offer all of our rings in rose gold — the newest of the metal colors, speaking to the contemporary among us. Rose gold is warm and elegant — it looks great in real life and makes your photos ‘pop’, making it an excellent choice of metal for your ring collection.Take full control of your rose gold ring, by using HANAN MOSER boutique customization service to craft the perfect diamond ring.


You can clean your rose gold ring the same way as white and yellow gold jewelry. Find here our care guide how to clean your jewelry.

You can clean your rose gold ring the same way as white and yellow gold jewelry. Find here our care guide how to clean your jewelry.

Dainty yet bold, our rose gold rings are made by women, for women. All of our rose gold diamond rings are designed with harmony in mind, making them effortlessly stackable. Our women’s rose gold rings bring warmth to the wearer, and the 18k recycled solid gold we use in all of our rings gives a luxury feel. Our pear, oval and round-shaped diamonds in our rose gold rings are handcrafted and fitting for any occasion — from engagement to special events and the everyday. HANAN MOSER free personalization service also gives you the freedom to customize any element of your ring—from the cut or size of the diamond, to the shape of the 18k solid recycled gold band.

All of our rose gold rings make an excellent choice for engagement or promise rings, with a variety of diamond shapes, including pear and round. Our women's rose gold rings are stackable, allowing you to add to your timeless collection as and when you please. Stick with a rose gold theme for your rings if you want a classic look, or be bold by mixing your metal colors when stacking.

Rose gold has a soothing effect, with our rings speaking to your calm side. As a trendy ring color, rose gold is exciting in the here and now, yet coupled with our diamonds and gemstones has a timeless look. Our rose gold rings bring warmth to any skin tone, making it a classic pairing with neutral whites and beiges. For a more contrasted look, wear your rose gold ring with a black or navy blue outfit — both striking and eyecatching. Our rose gold rings are designed to be stackable, allowing you to show your confident and powerful side. For a more dainty and elegant look, our rose gold rings shine as the only ring on your finger, drawing all the attention to your centerpiece. Our rose gold rings for women are made to empower on every occasion. Style your rose gold ring to match your mood, whether that’s a stacking style or a solo statement piece.

Empowering women to feel good, embrace luxury, and wear the jewelry they deserve is what makes us tick. We’re a small, female-led team in Barcelona, and we’re invested in inspiring women and promoting self-care. Our consciousness runs deeper, with environmentally-friendly practices at the core of what we do. Switching out traditional earth-mined diamonds for lab grown diamonds in our rose gold rings is a move towards sustainability and creating a brighter future. We also care about the people we work with — when creating our rose gold rings, we use a family-run factory in Italy, ensuring each piece is made with quality and care in mind. Being conscious of the planet is our social responsibility, and by wearing our rose gold rings, you are embracing our message of sustainability.

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