Yellow Gold Necklaces

Our yellow gold necklaces create the perfect harmony between the traditional yellow gold color and the future of sustainability with our lab grown diamonds. Every one of our yellow gold necklaces is made to order and fully customizable, via a free personalized consultation.


Our small, female-run team champions self-care for women and our yellow gold diamond necklaces are designed with beauty and empowerment in mind. Our social responsibility means all of our 18k yellow gold necklaces are made with an awareness of sustainability, hand-crafted with care and consideration in Italy. We use real, lab grown diamonds which are luxurious and eco-friendly. All of our pieces are available for full customization allowing you to choose a bigger stone, a different shape or even adjust the length to create the piece that fits you entirely.

We offer all of our diamond necklaces in yellow gold, giving a classic look to each of our handmade pieces. The traditional solid yellow gold color is met with our new, lab grown diamonds to create necklaces that feel good. As the original and most naturally-occuring of the gold pallet, our necklaces in yellow gold display the beauty in simplicity. What’s more, the unique, warm glow of our yellow gold chain necklaces allows our diamonds to stand out and shimmer; when we shine, you shine too.

At HANAN MOSER, we believe in accessories that are made to last. That’s why our yellow gold necklaces fit so perfectly with our ethos. As the most traditional of all the gold colors, our collection of 18k yellow gold necklaces gives you an established and elegant look. We love to pair our yellow gold diamond necklaces with warm, neutral tones. For example, a tan, beige, or even chocolate-brown outfit will be sure to show your yellow gold chain necklace at its very best, making it the centerpiece of your daytime or evening look.

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