HANAN MOSER Gift Guide -The Ultimate Selection of Ethical Fine Jewelry

At HANAN MOSER, we believe every woman deserves to feel confident in themselves, expressing their beauty and style in whichever way they choose. Jewelry is a memento of that feeling, speaking its own language of love and empowerment - and the perfect sign that you deserve a little luxury. The beauty of luxury is that it exists in everyday moments, reminding you that you shouldn’t have to wait for a specific occasion to treat yourself or those around you. For example, you might want to celebrate your courage, express your gratitude for your mother’s unconditional love, or acknowledge your sister’s authentic beauty. Seize the day and embrace what you all deserve: ethical fine jewelry that you’ll never want to take off - that will be passed down for generations to come. Get inspired with the ultimate HANAN MOSER gift guide...

Gisele Bracelet

Gisele is made for the woman who is strong, self-assured, and brings a sense of calm to every situation. Made with recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, the Gisele Bracelet is sustainable and mindful without compromising on luxury. This piece is the perfect gift for someone in your life who lives with intention, always thinking carefully about how they can enhance the lives of those around them. Show them how grateful you are for everything they do by gifting them with this sophisticated piece of ethical fine jewelry.

Perfect as a gift for your mother, as a thank you for her unwavering support and a symbol of admiration for everything she does. Pair it with the Amal Bracelet. Stack the two pieces together to elevate the look.


Lynn Ring

Effortlessly beautiful, the clean lines and minimalist elegance of the Lynn Ring are the perfect way to express your love. The stunning piece is designed to remind women of the beauty in simple everyday moments; an arrangement of flowers on the kitchen table, the glimmer of a ring in the sunlight, or the peace found during a woodland walk. Lynn is ethical fine jewelry that will be loved by whoever chooses to wear it, passed down for generations as a reminder of our love for humanity and consciousness for the greater good of planet earth.

Perfect as a gift for your daughter, as a token of your bond. Pair it with the Frida Necklace, to take a look from day to night.

Michelle Ring

Michelle makes waves wherever she goes - with her unique shape designed in harmony with the body’s curves. This intricate diamond ring also has aesthetics and ethics; it’s made from recycled solid gold and lab-grown diamonds, designed to last and have minimum impact on the planet. 

The Michelle Ring is perfect for that special someone in your life who always brings you joy and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Choose someone who deserves to be the center of attention with this striking piece.

Perfect as a gift for your loved wife, your sister or to yourself as a symbol of how far she’s or you are come. Pair it with the Gisele Bracelet - for effortless elegance.

Chiara Ring

Chiara captivates and charms, combining both round and pear-shaped diamonds set in recycled 18k gold. It’s the twinkle in someone’s eye repurposed as a twinkle on a special soul’s finger. The minimalist but unique beauty of the Chiara ring makes it the perfect gift for someone who uses their time to spread positivity and love to everything they do. Made with lab-grown diamonds, Chiara also reminds us of the conscious steps we take to protect mother nature. 

Perfect as a gift for the friend who always brings sunshine into your life. Pair it with the  Lynn Ring. Layer them together, turning the Lynn Rings diamond to meet both sides of Chiara. 


 Emily Earrings

The Emily Earrings raise the classic hoop to a new level. 13 sustainable lab-grown diamonds line each hoop, with a drop diamond bringing the design together. Perfect for those who love to put their own spin on seasonal trends, the  Emily Earrings will also have a domino effect on anyone who sees them. 

Gift these to the person in your life who is creative, luxurious, and always looking for fresh perspectives. Pair it with the Sara stud, stacking the two pieces together for a statement look.


Every piece of HANAN MOSER jewelry is ethically sourced wherever possible and made to order in Italy with lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Our processes are designed with the planet in mind, supporting our conscious consumers to feel beautiful in their own skin while doing good for humanity and nature. As with all handmade jewelry, every piece is uniquely beautiful and may have slight differences.


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