Slow Fashion: A HANAN MOSER Sustainable Promise

At HANAN MOSER, we make a conscious decision to intertwine sustainability, responsibility, and mindfulness in everything we do. An essential part of this pledge is our desire to create high-qualityjewelry that lasts a lifetime. In doing so, you have the opportunity to become a part of the slow fashion movement, carefully investing in items that will become a cherished part of your wardrobe and be passed down for generations. 

We hope that by shopping from a small, sustainable company like ours, you can feel beautiful every day, knowing you’ve made a positive difference to the planet and its people.

What is the Slow Fashion Movement?

The fast fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries for the planet. It pollutes the atmosphere, depletes natural resources, and promotes a throwaway culture detrimental to the earth's future. 
In contrast, slow fashion is all about shopping consciously, considering where the piece has come from and whether it’s something you could wear forever. It also promotes the use of high-quality, sustainable materials made in a transparent, slow, and ethical way. Because of this, pieces may be more expensive. However, it’s an investment that saves you money in the long term and gives you the unique power to make a difference.
Here are some of the top reasons you should invest in sustainable jewelry and join the slow fashion movement.

Unique Designs 

At HANAN MOSER, we consciously create unique, ‘forever’ designs that fit effortlessly into a capsule wardrobe. Only once you’ve placed your order do we send the design to our manufacturer (a small family-run factory in Italy).
Our slow, made-to-order approach means you could be one of the few people wearing HANAN MOSER sustainable jewelry, unlike mass-produced pieces from fast fashion brands. It also means we don’t waste stock, providing a solution to the problem of overflowing landfills.

Quality, Valuable Items You Can Connect With

We want your purchase to become a family heirloom with a traceable story behind it. Not only is this is a great way to connect with a piece of jewelry, but it also helps you to draw the line from creation to purchase.

For jewelry to last a lifetime, materials need to be of the highest quality. Sure, these materials are priced higher, but they’ll last forever and won't depreciate in value. In line with this, we use sustainable lab-grown diamonds and recycled 18k gold, two exceptionally durable, high-value materials. 

We also believe it’s right to pay higher costs to make our jewelry in an Italian, family-run factory. As such, we know that the quality is exceptional, the practices are sustainable, and staff get paid and treated well. This is reflected in the final price of HANAN MOSER jewelry - a small price to pay for protecting our beautiful planet.

A note from HANAN MOSER: We believe jewelry has the power to make you feel confident, radiant, and beautiful. Investing in a timeless, sustainable piece is an investment in yourself.


Sustainable Jewelry is Better for the Planet & its People

The traditional natural diamond industry has come under fire for its negative impact on the planet. For example, its usage of vast amounts of water and fossil fuels and the emission of harmful pollutants. We choose to use sustainable lab-grown diamonds, which have a much lower impact on the planet. 

 Learn more about sustainable lab-grown diamonds

The natural diamond mining industry is also synonymous with unethical working standards. Typically, workers are taken advantage of, paid meager wages, and made to work in hazardous or hostile conditions. Although the Kimberley Process has gone some way to resolve this, it is still not completely transparent.

At HANAN MOSER, we know who makes our sustainable jewelry from start to finish. Because of this, we ensure all those involved in our processes are treated well and paid a fair wage. 

Timeless Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

A crucial part of slow fashion is buying timeless pieces that will last forever, rather than seasonal fast fashion that will be discarded when it’s no longer on-trend. This is why creating a capsule wardrobe of clothes, jewelry, and accessories is so important. For example, choose classic items that will never go out of style (like our beautiful Chiara ring!). 

HANAN MOSER tip: Before buying pieces, ask yourself ‘is this something I’ll use for years to come?’. In the long run, this could also help you save money. After all, how many of us have bought low-quality jewelry only for it to discolor or break within a few months? By investing in quality pieces, you’ll save the planet and your bank balance!


Slow Fashion: Learning and Education

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our supply chain; we always document our processes, showing precisely how and where we manufacture our items and acknowledging where we could improve. As a result, we are always learning, growing, and striving to find innovative methods to be even more sustainable.
By investing in slow jewelry, you can tell a story with your item, inspiring others to shop ethically too. We also encourage you to use social media to push for change, asking fast fashion brands those all-important sustainability questions. As well as this, consider joining sustainable fashion movements, likeFashion Revolution, or downloading apps like‘Good on You’ to research slow fashion brands.

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