5 Ways HANAN MOSER Create Consciously

At HANAN MOSER, we take a planet-first approach, intertwining consciousness and ethics in our sustainable jewelry. Because of this, we choose to use eco-friendly materials and promote responsible consumerism wherever we can. We hope that in doing so, we can make the planet a better place while still providing the everyday beauty you deserve. Here are 5 sustainability practices we use at HANAN MOSER.

1. Sustainable jewelry made from lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds were the obvious choice for our sustainable jewelry because their production is far more transparent and sustainable than natural diamond mining. For example, lab diamonds don’t damage land, overuse freshwater, or create unethical working standards. By using lab-grown diamonds, we can produce the highest-quality jewelry without adverse environmental effects.


Can you tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

No, lab-grown diamonds are chemically the same as natural diamonds, and they look identical too. Even the top diamond specialists are unable to tell the difference. Plus, they are incredibly low-impact on the planet. Win-win!

Learn more about the production of lab diamonds

2. Our provider is carbon neutral

We source our lab-grown diamonds from Stonelab: the largest lab-grown diamond distributor in Europe. They differ from other suppliers because they are also carbon neutral! This means that whatever CO2 they release into the atmosphere from production, they remove an equal amount through different practices. This process is called carbon offsetting, and it has a hugely positive effect on the planet. By taking steps to eliminate CO2 emissions, we work together to protect the beauty of mother nature.

3. Produced in a small, family-run factory in Italy

We believe it’s essential to feel connected to a piece of jewelry - a sentiment often lost in the fast fashion industry. Because of this, we wanted to know precisely where we produce our sustainable jewelry and who makes it. That’s why we chose a small family-run, conscious manufacturer near Milan, Italy, that works in line with our values and mission.

The father and son team produces the highest quality jewelry using sustainable and ethical methods. Most importantly, they work in connection with HANAN MOSER on our made-to-order approach. This means they agree to produce each piece individually, which in most factories is not possible. Additionally, they only work with recycled gold, in line with the Responsible Jewelry Council, and recycle all the water they need for production.

4. Plastic-free packaging for our sustainable jewelry

It’s important to us that every detail of your shopping experience is sustainable, wherever possible, right down to the packaging. With this in mind, we chose a local supplier in Barcelona, giving us the unique opportunity to visit the workshop and meet in person with the CEO. Our supplier sources their materials from Winter & Company in Germany - a producer making sustainable efforts to develop new and innovative materials.

At HANAN MOSER, we carefully selected our materials, such as this vegan suede that lines our jewelry boxes. Plus, we also choose to use paper made from pulp that’s FSC certified.

We know we’re not one hundred percent perfect, but we are always taking steps to evolve and shoot for the stars when it comes to sustainability. As scientists develop new technologies and materials, we hope to advance further.

sustainable packaging


5. We eat, sleep, and breathe conscious living

We want you to feel empowered by mindfulness in every aspect of your life, whether that’s during your self-care routine or the materials you choose to wear. To slow down the process, we consciously create our sustainable jewelry through a made-to-order approach. By doing this, we minimize waste and unnecessary damage to the planet. It's also a more personal way to shop, as it gives you the unique opportunity to speak with our CEO, Hanan.

Additionally, we produce content that we hope will encourage our consumers to think twice about their eco-footprint. Whether it’s reducing your meat, recycling, or choosing to shop sustainably, we can all work together as a collective to make a difference.

“I have two kids, and we are trying to educate them that every step we take affects our planet. We’re not perfect yet, but it’s a journey we’re on to live sustainably and consciously”


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