Behind the Scenes of our Luxury, Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

At HANAN MOSER, we’re proud of the quality of our jewelry, from our world-class manufacturers to our exquisitely cut lab-grown diamonds. But what about our jewelry makes it so luxurious? We’re going to give you the lowdown on our products, from how they’re made to the materials we use and the services we offer.

Our jewelry is anything but bijouterie—that’s why a luxury HANAN MOSER piece is both feel-good and planet-friendly.

Cutting Edge Diamonds

We received recent feedback from diamond experts who unanimously declared our diamond quality as excellent across the 4Cs. The 4Cs are the industry standard measurement of the price of diamonds, broken down into color, cut, clarity, and carat. These are measured to the following criteria:

Color - This is calculated on a D-Z scale, from colorless to a yellow hue, with colorless diamonds holding the most value.

Cut - How well the diamond has been faceted and polished.

Clarity - How few or many imperfections the diamond has. This is measured from ‘flawless’ to ‘included’.

Carat - The weight of the diamond, with a larger diamond holding a higher value.

Our diamonds have proven excellent quality across the board, which we’re incredibly proud of. What’s more, we’re investing more time and energy into our quality control stage, ensuring every diamond that goes into a HANAN MOSER piece is of the finest quality and finish. 

Lab Grown Diamonds

Not only are our diamonds extremely high in quality, but they’re also made sustainably. We champion conscious living, which is why we use lab-grown diamonds—a far more eco-friendly option than their earth-mined counterparts. The demand for sustainable diamonds now is higher than ever before, and that’s only set to rise. 

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to traditional diamonds. They’re produced in a laboratory under conditions that mimic the earth's high pressure and temperatures, creating the same result. The difference is that lab-grown diamonds don’t contribute to the harm that mined diamonds cause to our planet’s natural habitats and ecosystems. 

Quality, Recycled Gold

Gold prices have increased since we started HANAN MOSER, but we’re proud to still produce the same quality gold across our products. All of our gold is recycled, making it a much more sustainable practice than mined gold, which is damaging our planet and contributing to the exploitation of labor in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Recycled gold is made from melting down gold from unwanted products, such as coins and electronics. This process allows gold to be returned to its original form and repurposed—in our case, as jewelry. 

Why we use 18k solid gold

We use 18k solid gold in all our products, all offered with yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold finish. 18k is the highest recommended carat for jewelry—pure 24k gold is too malleable and will therefore damage too easily. 18k offers excellent quality yet robustness against damage or tarnish from everyday wear. That’s why our gold is of such luxury quality while still taking the more ethical route. 

World-Class Manufacturing

Our jewelry is handmade in a small, family-run factory near Milan, Italy. It’s vital that we know where our jewelry comes from and who makes it to ensure it’s both ethical and of the highest quality. Our manufacturers also produce jewelry for Bulgari and Gucci, proving that they work with some of the finest brands out there. 

Handmade to Order

Our pieces are handmade to order, promoting a waste-free business model. Once we receive your order, we’ll send it (along with any special requests) to our manufacturer in Italy, who will craft your piece, especially for you. 

Although this makes the shipping time a little longer, it ensures quality at every stage. As such, you can rest assured that your jewelry hasn’t been mass-produced, but rather individually made with the due care it deserves. 

Ethical Working Conditions

We like to work with a clear conscience, ensuring everyone involved in our processes, from design to manufacture, is paid fairly and has good working conditions. The fashion industry is infamous for exploiting workers, and the diamond industry has been notoriously unethical in the past. Instead, we’re working to counter this by being at the forefront of the movement for change with our sustainable and ethical practices. 

Many people work behind the scenes on each HANAN MOSER piece, in good, ethical conditions to create your luxury jewelry. 

Flexibility and Personalized Service

In alignment with our small company mindset, you can speak directly to our founder Hanan if you have any questions or requests for your order. Want a bigger-sized bracelet or ring? We’ll happily arrange that for you at no extra charge—all part of our flexible and friendly service.

Engagement Rings

Our diamond rings are an excellent choice for your engagement ring; our quality, lab-grown diamonds take center stage in all of our pieces, with a band made from 18k solid recycled gold, available in three gold colors. Every ring in our collection is luxuriously made and perfect for your engagement. 

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Our jewelry is made to be timeless—which is why we ensure that it’s long-lasting and sustainably produced. We avoid fast fashion and all that it represents, instead creating pieces that are made to be enjoyed for now and the future. 

We make jewelry for women who want to treat themselves daily with feel-good jewelry for special occasions and engagements. That’s all part of our mission to promote an eco-conscious lifestyle while still indulging in a little bit of luxury. 

In-Store Experience

As we grow as a business, we hope to expand into selling products in stores as well as online. Selling in a physical store has much higher overheads than running an online business, but we hope soon you’ll be able to browse and try on HANAN MOSER jewelry in a store near you.

Thank you for supporting a small business

HANAN MOSER is a small, sustainable business. We produce luxury products that fit our ethos of conscious living, but this comes at a cost to us. In order to deliver the best luxury jewelry yet stick to our morals, we have high overheads; shipping costs are increasing globally, and the costs of operating sustainably are also growing. 

That’s why we can’t thank you enough for choosing HANAN MOSER—by wearing HANAN MOSER jewelry, you’re making a statement of sustainability and supporting a small, female-led business to continue to empower women to feel good. 

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