HANAN MOSER: Answering Your Most Asked Questions About Jewelry

Investing in a piece of jewelry is an exciting experience, whether you’re purchasing it as a gift to show your love, to commemorate a moment in your life, or simply because you deserve it! We understand that you may require information on choosing the right piece, which was why it was important for us to take a made-to-order approach to our jewelry. In doing so, we can form personal relationships with our clients, allowing them to ask those all-important questions along the way. However, as a first step, we’ve compiled a list of our most asked questions about jewelry in one easy-to-read guide. Think of it as a pre-purchase handbook!

1. Are lab diamonds real?

Molecularly, lab diamonds are exactly the same as real, earth-mined diamonds. They are graded following the same guidelines as real diamonds, and even the top gemologist cannot tell the difference between the two! The only difference is how they are formed; earth-mined ‘real’ diamonds are formed deep underground close to the earth’s crust, whereas lab diamonds are created in a laboratory in conditions that mimic those of natural diamonds. To do so, scientists use carbon and a diamond seed, pressurizing them at extreme temperatures to grow a full-sized diamond. 

How Lab Diamonds Are Made

2. Are lab diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are high quality, sustainable, ethical, and have the bonus of being cheaper than their natural counterparts. They are a more cost-effective material because of the manufacturing process; fewer people are involved in creating lab-grown diamonds, meaning up to 30 % less in price! Choosing lab diamonds is a no-brainer as a more ethical, affordable alternative. 

What Are Lab Diamonds?

3. Where do your diamonds and gemstones come from?

We source our lab-grown diamonds and gemstones from carefully-selected suppliers, such as Stonelab: a carbon-neutral supplier and the largest lab-grown diamond distributor in Europ, Chatham a sustainable lab-grown company that share similar values of fair working conditions and ethical responsibility. 

5 Ways HANAN MOSER Create Consciously

4. Where is HANAN MOSER jewelry made?

All of our sustainable, fine jewelry is hand-made by the finest artisans in a small, family-run factory in Italy. We have a personal relationship with the family, ensuring that we can be a vital part of the process. This means we can also vouch for their fair, ethical, and sustainable working practices. 

We also choose to use a made-to-order approach, designing and producing pieces made especially for you. This makes the story behind your jewelry even more powerful and allows us to be more sustainable by saving on warehouse space and stock wastage. 

5. What are the 4Cs? 

The 4Cs stand for Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Each one is important to consider when investing in a piece of diamond jewelry so you can assess the overall quality of the item.


This refers to how the diamond was cut; the more precise, the greater the cut. It’s also one of the most important of the 4Cs (lookout for excellent or ideal gradings).


Color grading ranges from clear diamonds to diamonds in various colors, for example, pink diamonds. All our diamonds under 4mm have D, E, and F grading (the best colorless type of diamonds. Most companies use G/H). 


Clarity is graded on the blemishes seen internally or externally in the diamond. Most diamonds will have some, but they usually are invisible to the naked eye. We always use VS+, which is a top grade and one of the best clarities in the diamond world.


This is the physical weight of the diamond, so depending on the piece you choose, the carat weight will be different.

Each of our pieces at HANAN MOSER has a different cut, color, clarity, and carat; each item is perfect for a specific person depending on your requirements. We are proud to have fantastic color and clarity gradings, which make a huge difference in bringing light, shine, and life to the diamond. 

6. Do you have certificates or an appraisal?

Any diamond above 5mm comes with a certification from the IGI (International Gemological Institute), one of the most recognized and reputable diamond grading reports. Any piece that comes with a certification like this will always hold more value as it certifies the exact value of your item. This is ideal for those who want to insure their jewelry after purchase.  

7. Can a ring be modified?

We use a made-to-order approach so that all your specifications can be made before your piece of jewelry is manufactured. To do so, we provide a detailed guide on measuring your ring size or contact us, and we can send you a ring sizer for optimum fit. In doing this, we aim to reduce the need to modify our rings and minimize wastage. 

8. How do I clean and look after my sustainable jewelry?

HANAN MOSER jewelry is made with the highest quality 18k recycled gold and solid lab-grown diamonds—both materials that are designed to last. We hope these pieces will hold great sentimental value and be passed down through the family. However, conscious living is all about extending the lifespan of our items through careful care. With this in mind, we suggest wiping excess oils off your jewelry at the end of each day and storing them in a safe, fabric-lined box or pouch. 

You should also avoid wearing your items with heavy creams, oils, or perfumes. This can tarnish the jewelry, causing it to lose its sparkle, fade or discolor.


9. How does jewelry insurance work?

Depending on the policy you choose, jewelry insurance works by covering you for lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry. It’s essential to consider taking out your own jewelry insurance, especially for sentimental or valuable pieces like engagement rings. 

Once you’ve purchased your jewelry, you can use the IGI certification (for diamonds over 5mm) to get your jewelry insured, which we highly recommend.

Tip: Home insurance sometimes will cover your jewelry, but always double-check to be sure!

10. Can jewelry be returned?

As per our sustainable approach, we do not accept returns on rings in order to reduce wastage and save on carbon emissions. Because of this, we ensure the purchasing process is as informative and personal as possible, offering you the opportunity to speak directly with our founder, Hanan. The end result is the perfect design—and fit—for you, so there will be no need for returns.

However, we do accept returns on unworn bracelets and necklaces. Please note that returns must be without scratches or signs of wear in the original packaging with everything inside.

11. Why is jewelry a good investment?

Jewelry is a fantastic investment, both in value and for yourself. Not only does it make you feel good, but it represents a special time in your life—a moment you want to cherish, celebrate or reward yourself for. 

Our sustainable jewelry also brings an element of consciousness to your life, aiming to promote longevity and become a part of your capsule wardrobe for many years to come. With this in mind, when you factor in cost per wear, sustainable fine jewelry is an excellent investment and an item you can pass down for generations. It also holds its value, as materials such as gold have always been in high demand. 

Lab-grown diamonds keep their value, too, although we don’t believe this should be the primary reason for investing in our sustainable jewelry. Instead, prioritize your love and care for the earth (protecting the planet is priceless!).

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all our work at HANAN MOSER. It’s why we choose the highest-quality materials, suppliers, and manufacturers—all of whom share our conscious, sustainable values. In line with this, we always aim to be completely transparent in our practices and answer all of the questions necessary to enhance your shopping experience. 

If you still have further queries after reading this guide, please contact us. We are always happy to help!

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