Benefits of Made to Order Jewelry

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, having the chance to choose a piece that is entirely yours is a unique experience. At HANAN MOSER, we create made-to-order jewelry, offering you the opportunity to discuss your specifications before sending it to handmade in a family-run factory in Italy. Not only is this a more sustainable way to shop (reducing stock wastage), it results in sentimental, irreplaceable pieces with which you can form a lifelong connection. Learn more about the benefits of made-to-order jewelry with HANAN MOSER…

Made to Order Meaning

“Produced to supply a special or an individual demand.”

Think of a made-to-order approach as the way you’d order food in a restaurant. First, you place your order, and then the kitchen makes your meal. Doing so allows you to make specific customizations to your food so that you can have it exactly as you want. 

In other made-to-order services, this works in exactly the same way. For example, a made-to-order dress that fits you like a glove or a ring designed with your exact gemstone specifications. 

Benefits of Made to Order

So what are the benefits of made-to-order? Well, most companies manufacture their items first and have an inventory of stock ready to be ordered. Often they might over-order, which causes a considerable wastage of stock. For example, fast fashion brand ZARA has a tremendous amount of stock leftover at the end of the season. These clothes are then thrown into landfills, significantly contributing to climate change and environmental damage. 

In contrast, made-to-order works in the opposite way. Because the company doesn’t start manufacturing until after the order is placed, there is little to no stock waste. This approach means no materials or energy are wasted during creation - far better for both the planet and its people! This sustainable element is one of the main benefits of made-to-order.

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There are also other fantastic benefits of made-to-order, for example, the opportunity to ask questions and create your jewelry according to your specifications. Shopping in this way ensures a far greater customer experience!

Made to Order Jewelry at HANAN MOSER

5 ways HANAN MOSER create consciously

Although the process from order to delivery can take longer through made-to-order, the piece’s quality, sustainability, and value are unrivaled. There are some fantastic benefits of made to order jewelry with HANAN MOSER. 

1. Personalized treatment 

One of the benefits of made-to-order is the personalized treatment we can offer you. We’ll support you to create the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion, whether it’s a yellow gold band, lab-grown diamond, or blue sapphire. Customer satisfaction, for us, is paramount, and offering a made-to-order jewelry service is a massive part of that. Start by heading over to our contact section to start the conversation.

“Amazing high-end products combined with an unbeatable customer experience. What else?”

- Mariano

2. Emotional Value 

Buying a piece of jewelry is an investment that you deserve and an item you can wear for a lifetime. Part of shopping consciously and sustainably is forming an emotional connection to your piece, and the benefits of made-to-order are endless when it comes to this. Because you’ve played an active role in creating your jewelry, it makes the emotional connection to your piece even stronger; you are the only one wearing this exact item of jewelry! 

Your piece will have been on its own unique journey, from your first conversation with our founder, Hanan, in Barcelona to its handmade creation by the finest artisans in Italy. We are proud to say that each piece of HANAN MOSER is crafted consciously, just like a work of art. 

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3. A More Sustainable Way to Shop 

The main benefit of made-to-order jewelry is sustainability! By manufacturing your piece after you’ve placed your order, we don’t waste stock. Instead, we reduce our material usage and the time and energy used by our factory. We are huge advocates for this approach, part of our pledge to protect the environment for now and future generations.

We actively work to monitor (and reduce) our stock and carbon footprint as a business. To do so, we choose to use a made-to-order approach, carbon-neutral providers, and lab-grown diamonds, all of which are far better for the planet. At HANAN MOSER, we believe manufacturing and shopping in this way is the future of fashion. Plus, your piece will never be ‘out of style’ because it’s a one-off design, especially for you. 

“I have seen all the pieces in HANAN MOSER showroom, and I can confirm the quality is outstanding. Sustainability is real, not just a marketing slogan - I do like the recycled gold and especially the lab-grown diamonds.”

- Reto

4. A Direct Communication with our Founder

How often is there the opportunity to contact the business founder directly? At HANAN MOSER, we offer the chance to talk with our founder, Hanan, and ask her any questions. Hanan is passionate about making your shopping experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, and made-to-order jewelry offers just this! She will chat with you via WhatsApp or Email, discussing the all-important details of your made-to-order jewelry. She’ll even place the order if you are unable or don’t feel confident to do it yourself. All that’s left to do is click and pay.

Benefits of made-to-order: Worried about getting your ring size right? Hanan will send you a ring sizer so that you can take your measurements before you order your jewelry. By measuring beforehand, it saves any errors which can lead to waste. It also means that you’ll have a piece of jewelry that you can wear like a second skin for many years to come.

The female founder behind HANAN MOSER

The benefits of made-to-order jewelry are endless, which is why we are proud to use this method in our work at HANAN MOSER. Not only is it a way for us to protect the planet, but it also makes for a far more enjoyable shopping experience, one that we hope is both personal and memorable. The result is a sentimental, irreplaceable piece of jewelry that’s designed with you in mind. Ready to start your made-to-order journey? Contact us today to discuss your specifications.

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